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What is Interaction Design?

Web Resources

Below is additional material associated with the topics covered in chapter 1.

Interaction Design

There are many online resources on interaction design. A good place to start is Norman and Nielsen’s Research-Based User Experience site which has many articles on UX and user experience:

Another one that covers basics is the UK’s usability website:

Interaction Design Foundation has many articles, online courses and up=tp-date content:

A blog site that has many archived thought pieces written over the years is Boxes and Arrows:

Yvonne Rogers blog (

covers musings and reflections on technology in her everyday encounters with the world.

Good and bad designs

Don Norman has written a number of essays and books on good design. For a number of thought-provoking examples see:

Teo Yu Siang (2022a blog called “Bad Design vs. Good Design: 5 Examples We can Learn From”

Design principles

There are a number of articles discussing design principles on the web. For example, Springboard Blog has a set of 16 important ones for newcomers. See:


Web accessibility initiative (WAI) develops guidelines that are the international standard for web design:

See also:

Links to old and new inspiration:

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