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Web Resources

Below is additional material associated with the topics covered in chapter 7.

New Paradigms and Future User Interfaces:

A blog called has an article on next generation interfaces by Michael Poh at:

Martin Ekuan et al (2022) have written an article that covers: Ambient user experiences: Interact with devices.

Free download reports/use cases on User Interfaces

Microsoft’s Human Experience and Design group has written a series of publications called “Things We’ve Learnt About..” that summarises in a succinct way their work around a specific theme (e.g. search and web use). See:

Holition have a series of use cases where they write about how they developed innovative Augmented Reality interfaces in fashion and cultural domains.

Graphical user interfaces: A historical overview of GUIs and beyond: “The Graphical User Interface. Time for a Paradigm Shift?”:

Service Design

How does service design differ from UX design? Paul Boag (2018) has written a blog called "Service Design: What Is It, What Does It Involve and Should You Care?" explaining how they differ and overlap.

Links provided in the book:

The Sketchpad: Ivan Sutherland (1963) describes the first interactive graphical interface:

The Dynabook: Alan Kaye (1968) describes a thin, light “children’s computer” with a flat-screen display, drawing stylus, keyboard, and wireless connectivity:

The Mother of All Demos: Douglas Engelbart (1968) describes the first WIMP:

Put that there (1979): MIT demonstrates the first speech and gesture interface:

Unveiling the genius of multitouch interface design: Jeff Han gives a TED talk (2007):

Intel’s Future Technology Vision (2012):

CMU’s Future Interfaces Group: The Next Phase of Computer-Human Interaction (2018):

“What’s Her Secret?” How convincing do you think the artificial voice is? Is it distinguishable from a human voice?

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