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Interaction Design in Practice

Web Resources

This set of links are for online magazines and other sites to help keep up-to-date with UX practices. is the website for the User eXperience Professionals' Association. UXPA was established in 1991 as the UPA (Usability Professionals' Association) when Usability was considered to be an umbrella term for practitioners operating in this area, and it was changed in 2012 to reflect the changes in the industry. If you want to know what's happening in the professional world of UX design, then keep an eye on this website. contains up-to-date articles that are particularly of interest to professionals, for example A Pragmatist’s Guide to Lean User Research, and podcasts such as What is CX design? and both contain other useful articles and are worth browsing, e.g. Ultimate ChatGPT cheatsheet for UX/UI Designers and AI needs UX.

Links provided in the book:

Three challenges for UX in practice:

What a UX designer does in practice:

UX debt:

User research in agile:

Lean UX canvas:

Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden on Lean UX:

Documentation in AgileUX:

Design pattern sites:

Design systems, design languages and patterns:

Pros and cons of the hamburger menu:,

Open source repositories:,

Tools for UX designers:,

UX in the future:

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