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Discovering Requirements

Web Resources


This article puts forward a view of requirements that considers business, technical and user requirements, and considers documentation and roles.

Contextual Inquiry and Contextual design

The website for InContext has a lot of background information about Contextual Inquiry and Contextual Design, including a video by Karen Holtzblatt, who developed Contextual Inquiry, introducing Contextual Design. This explanation of contextual inquiry includes an example of conducting a contextual inquiry with a cab driver, and another video showing a contextual inquiry of a shopping trip. This article takes a different approach and considers the relationship between Contextual Inquiry and ethnographic research.


This article introduces four perspectives that personas may take: goal-directed, role-based, engaging and fictional and describes how to create engaging ones.

Use cases for Interaction Design

This article presents one view of how use cases may be used in Interaction Design.

Usable security

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre website has a number of blog articles and accessible resources relating to usable security. For example, Guidance on authentication methods, Passwords, passwords everywhere, and principles of Technology Assurance in products.

Links provided in the book:

User need statements:

Usability and security:

Seven product dimensions:

Scenarios alone are not enough:

Scope of personas:

Animated scenarios:,

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