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Social Interaction

In-Depth Activity Comments 

This activity asks you to evaluate how collaboration and communication is supported in a social video game such as Fortnite. Similar to the in-depth activity in Chapter 1, the aim is for you to develop and use a wider set of concepts, that go beyond saying, 'it was fun' or 'it was terrible because no-one talked to me'. It is also intended for you to analyse a number of social aspects, in relation to specific and general interaction design issues. It is important to see the connections between these three aspects, and not to answer them as separate sections. Your evaluation should also enable you to focus more deeply on some of the pertinent social issues that might be overlooked, if you were doing a straightforward usability evaluation. To communicate with others in your team while playing this kind of video game, voice chat is used. It is mainly used to help teams coordinate their next moves and can help teams work better together. You should also try to spend some time thinking about how the mode of interaction has been designed to support new forms of communication. Consider, too, the kind of conceptual model that underlies the virtual world.

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