Interactive Heuristic Evaluation Toolkit

A 'heuristic' is a guideline which is used when conducting a usability evaluation (or 'heuristic evaluation').

This interactive toolkit enables you to do either of the following:
a) view a list of the suggested heuristics for a particular type of electronic device, or
b) select your own heuristics for a type of device and then compare your selections against a list of suggested heuristics.

Please follow the three steps below:

1. Select a type of device for which to study evaluation heuristics (roll over the options with the mouse to see a description)

Device type: Website

Interactive kiosk


Mobile phone

Interactive TV
  Pocket PC Personal organiser
  Tablet PC Interactive toy

2. If you need to consider any specific type of user or specific application area, please select the appropriate options below:

Users: Application:

3. Either: look at the suggested heuristics for this device, or
  try selecting your own heuristics for this device.