Chapter Quickvotes

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Chapter 1 - Do you mind the adverts you get when you use apps for free (e.g. social media, online news)?
Chapter 2 - How often do you use the speech app on your phone (e.g. Siri, Google Now)?
Chapter 3 - Do you think multi-tasking is bad for our brains and dumbing us down?
Chapter 4 - How often do you use technology each day (e.g. text, games, videos, music)?
Chapter 5 - Is it OK for technology to infer how you are feeling from your tweets and facial expressions?
Chapter 6 - Which interface do you think will be most people’s favorite in 10 years’ time?
Chapter 7 - Is it OK for researchers to study what people do online without telling them?
Chapter 8 - Qualitative data is more useful than quantitative data in interaction design
Chapter 9 - What level of involvement should users have in the development of an interactive product?
Chapter 10 - Which is most useful for interaction design: use cases, essential use cases, scenarios or HTA?
Chapter 11 - Are both evolutionary prototyping and throwaway prototyping suitable for all interactive products?
Chapter 12 - Agile development will result in poor interaction design because the tight timescales do not allow for enough user involvement
Chapter 13 - Crowdsourcing can be less expensive to run and can involve many more participants than traditional lab studies, but are the people who take part being exploited?
Chapter 14 - How many users do you think is enough for an evaluation study?
Chapter 15 - How reliable do you think heuristic evaluation is?