Authors: Preece, Rogers & Sharp
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Interaction Design: Beyond Human-Computer Interaction  

Second Edition Launching January 2007

Welcome to This is a companion website for the book Interaction Design: beyond human-computer interaction.

On this site, you'll find some food for thought, and a variety of resources and activities to support your exploration of interaction design. A novel aspect of the site is the inclusion of some interactivities: your chance to learn about interaction design by doing some interaction! These interactivities are designed to get you thinking about some of the issues raised in the book, and we hope you'll find them fun.

For each chapter of the book, there are extra web resources, a set of powerpoint slides and comments on the chapter's main assignment. We've also included some case studies covering evaluation and design issues, to show how interaction design is tackled in different settings. Finally there is a student's corner where we will show a selection of material sent to us from you, the reader. Throughout the site, there are chances for you to cast your vote on issues relating to interaction design- look out for the QuickVote icon.

We hope you will learn something new about interaction design from this site, but above all, we hope you have fun exploring what it has to offer!

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