Suggested heuristics for Interactive toys, and applications.

Visibility of system status

Is status feedback provided continuously (eg progress indicators or messages)?
Are warning messages displayed for long enough?

Match between system and real world

Are the words, phrases and concepts used familiar to the user?
Is the use of metaphors easily understandable by the user?

Consistency and standards

Is there a consistent look and feel to the system interface?

Error prevention

Is the system robust and safe enough for its surroundings?

Recognition rather than recall

Is the relationship between controls and their actions obvious?

Flexibility and efficiency of use

Does the toy allow for a range of user expertise?
Is it possible to replace and restore default settings easily?

Aesthetic and minimalist design

Is the design simple, intuitive, easy to learn and pleasing?
Is the toy free from irrelevant, unnecessary and distracting information?
Is the toy easy to remember how to use?

Help users recover from errors

Is it clear how the user can recover from errors?


Does the toy track where the user was in the last session (and any progress made)?

Use of modes

Does the toy use different modes appropriately and effectively?


Is the toy fun to use?

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